At Liberty Freight we have a competent, hands-on team, providing a comprehensive, high quality service to all our customers. We have developed a set of principles & guidelines that guarantee the client receives the best service & the highest level of support available.

The experience & capability acquired by our team over a period in excess of 25 years will ensure that the client receives the best combination of services & competitive rates available in the market today. We are committed to ongoing investment in the training of our personnel, who, as an important asset, will contribute to the success of Liberty Freight.

While our customers are situated locally, their business needs may extend globally, & it is our goal to be represented in all major markets of the world. Liberty Freight has achieved this goal through strategic alliances and a network of international agents, thereby offering the optimal level of service in communications, operations & documentations on a door-to-door basis.

In addition, we have a commitment to ensure that the best possible rates are available to all clients, whether for large scale commercial freight or individuals with a single requirement. Our internal communications network will ensure a constant flow of information and personal contact throughout the world.

The computerized transfer of tracking information and status updates, either on local or international movements by Liberty Freight & its networks of agents, is mandatory. Liberty Freight is equipped with ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE (EDI) capabilities, which ensures a fast & effective service, especially when dealing with Customs formalities & documentation.

In addition, it provides detailed costing, sea & air freight statistics & continually updated data from suppliers such as Airlines, Shipping Lines & Distribution Centres.

This acquisition has proven to be an integeral tool in establishing interfaces with suppliers and clients.


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